>  I have a claim against someone

I have a claim against someone

A claim can arise out of many different types of situations. You may have paid for a service or a product that you are not satisfied or haven’t received, you may have bought a house that has hidden faults, another shareholder may have violated your shareholder’s agreement, an ex-employee may have brought a customer register or other trade secrets with him when he left the company for a competitor, a subcontractor may have done an unprofessional job in a construction that has to be redone and an insurance company may refuse pay out compensation that you are entitled to.

One of the first things you often must do when you have a claim against someone is to gather evidence. This may be e-mails, text messages, protocols, contracts, witnesses, experts etc. This is often done most effectively before your counterpart even knows that you will present a claim. We will conduct an initial analysis of what evidence that is already available and what needs to be gathered.

It is important how you formulate the grounds for your cause of action, i.e. the reasons why you want compensation from your counterpart. Once a suit has been filed, the grounds can in general not be altered. If the grounds are formulated wrong, you risk losing your entire case.

It is therefore important that you contact us as early as possible, preferably before you have even presented a claim against your counterpart. We will analyze what your options are and how to best formulate your claim, collect evidence and optimize your chance of a successful outcome of the case.

Finally, we know that a dispute saps your business of time and energy. It is our goal to handle the case for you in such a manner that you can focus on your business and let us handle the dispute. We will keep you continuously updated and let you know when we need your input.

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